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This Book Will Help You Boost Your Credit Scores Fast!

Maybe you are not ready to have our team take your credit scores to the 800 club. No worries, we still have you covered. We give you a proven plan to help you start attacking some of those negative items and building positive tradelines all by yourself. This is not any of that stuff you can find on google or in forums. These are tactics discovered in the trenches doing actual credit repair for clients throughout the years.

Whats Inside?

Inside, You’ll Discover How To...

  • FULLY SWEEP a credit report in under 90 days (collections, repossessions, evictions, bankruptcies, late payments, inquiries, etc)

  • * The right way to pre-build your credit report to guarantee high-limit credit line approvals

  • How to make money off your credit if you desire.

  • 14 day credit sweep method and more.

  • Multiple BONUSES to help you fast track your results!




We want to make sure you are fully covered so we have included these additional bonuses to help take you to the next level.

[Bonus #1]

Added Bonus!!

Bonus Hack to remove Credit Inquiries in 24-72 Hours

[Bonus #2]

Added Bonus!!

5 Custom Made Letters to Help you get Almost Any Negative Items Deleted

[Bonus #3]

Added Bonus!!

Little know hack to get all 3 Credit Reports and Scores for free for Months. (Actual Full reports..Not Credit Karma or any of those sites)

[Bonus #4]

Added Bonus!!

Access to our Credit Boost Guide which contains secret tradelines and cards you can get today to boost your score instantly in the next 30 days. Over $50K in tradelines for you to add.

What people say

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I appreciate Chris and his staff! This book has helped take me from the mid 500's to the low 700's. I haven't had a 700 Credit score in years!! The information that was taught I have literally not seen anywhere else. Now I can finally qualify for that mortgage.

Dawn Johnson

This ebook is clutch!! I was able to not only increase my score but also learned how to properly structure my credit profile. I had know idea it was a format to it. I was able to get my new car at a great interest rate. I even used some of the tips from the Bonus guide (Which I highly suggest you get) to build up my travel points.

Rashad Hayes

This ebook helped me get my home and put me in a great place financially. As a single mother I am sole provider for my family. I made some poor choices when I was younger due to not knowing about credit. This book helped get me not only get on the right track but taught me so many little tricks I had no idea about. I was able to buy my first investment property which is a duplex. I live in one side and rent the other and basically live for free. Either get this book or sign up with Growth notion. You won't be disappointed either way!

Maria Perez

Man all I can say is I am grateful! I used some of what I was taught in the book and was able to get 3 collections removed within 2 months. My score jumped from 572 all the way to 683. I got some more to clean up but that 700 club isn't that far off.  

Martell Boyd

Why We Wrote This Book

We created this book because we understand that even though we offer an inexpensive service to get your credit repaired some people just prefer to do it themselves. 

We wanted to make sure that those people who choose to go it alone are not truly alone. We will guide you step by step to get your credit repaired on your own. We not only provide you with strategies that you cannot find anywhere else but we also provide you with ways to boost your scores.  You are fully covered if you choose to do it yourself.


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